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1-junho-2007, 7:50
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Entrevista da Time com os caras do Ocean`s Thirteen, terceiro filme da saga de maior diversão do Clooney, Pitt, Damon e tantos outros… a Ellen Barkin uniu-se aos três nessa entrevista que demonstra que ainda existe humor e auto-crítica nos maiores astros do cinema mundial.

TIME: When you have so many stars in a movie, and it’s the third in a trilogy, how do you keep it from going off the rails and becoming Cannonball Run 3?
CLOONEY: Well, we like to think it’s more like Lord of the Rings, in the trilogy sense.
PITT: Wait, what’s wrong with Cannonball Run 3?
DAMON: I don’t even think there was a Cannonball 3. Look, you have us confused with deep thinkers. You’ve already put more thought into why we did the movie than we did.
CLOONEY: You’re thinking that we’re not just whores for money. There’s your mistake.

So you don’t get actorly and defensive if people think, Sure looks like they had a good time making that movie?
BARKIN: I do, because I did a lot of research on my character. [Laughter]
CLOONEY: The idea that every time you do a film you’re supposed to be tortured confuses me. I mean, guys who say, “Oh, it’s really tough, my character is really suffering”—come on. For us, even in the rotten ones we’ve had a good time. I don’t think you have to suffer. Maybe Matt had to suffer.
DAMON: Yeah, I did. I had to go deep to find Linus.
BARKIN: Was that your character’s name?
DAMON: Yeah.
BARKIN: I’m sorry, I only read my lines.
CLOONEY: We like that Matt’s done three different Linuses in three different movies.
DAMON: I have done him kind of different each time.
BARKIN: It’s important for him to change it up, while Brad and George have no range, so they just have to keep playing the same parts.

As we’re talking, there are paparazzi in boats out in the harbor taking pictures. Having just been through the celebrity muck of Cannes, who gets it the worst?
CLOONEY: There’s no question, it’s Brad.
PITT: Well, exponentially, with us together …
CLOONEY: But even before he was with [Angelina Jolie], we used to chum the water with him.
PITT: This is not a joke. They used to send me out to take the hits.
CLOONEY: We were at the airport in Italy. So I walk off the plane, and it’s “Hey, Giorgio!” And I go, “Look! Brad Pitt!” and they’re gone.
DAMON: You described it once as “People were stepping on our faces trying to get to Brad.”
PITT: Ah, well, I don’t take it as a compliment.

What was it like being the only woman in the cast?
BARKIN: Exhausting.
CLOONEY: You’re a woman?
BARKIN: I tried to pack 14 of you into just a few weeks. It’s a lot of ground to cover.
CLOONEY: If there’s anybody who could do it …
BARKIN: I started with Carl [Reiner] and worked back from there.
CLOONEY: Only fair. He could go at any minute.


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